Get the Experience You Need to Accomplish Your Life Goals

Those who are selected for our internship program will have the opportunity to work closely in an all natural farm setting, learning the skills required to successfully manage and operate a sustainable farm. Exemplary character and integrity are mandatory. References researched thoroughly. Must be at least 18. Stipend of $200 per month for incidentals plus housing on farm. Interns may eat, within reason, from the Avery’s Branch staff freezer. No experience required but a willingness to work hard with a good attitude is a must.

Interns will have the opportunity to assist in;

  • Milking Cows
  • Delivering Milk
  • Making Dairy Products
  • Pasture Management
  • Rotational Grazing
  • Poultry Care
  • Butchering of Poultry
  • Construction
  • Veterinary Practices
  • Herd Management
  • Gardening
  • and So Much More!

This video is a collection of many scenes from a former intern’s time with us. Thanks for your contribution, Arielle!