Benefits of pasture raised poultry

Better for your body
  • as opposed to pasture raised poultry, commercial poultry is washed with heavily chlorinated water and leaves a residue on the meat. This is why Russia and the European Union will not buy poultry products from most U.S. processors.
  • Balancing the essential fats in your diet is easy with pastured poultry because it has more Omega-3’s than commercial chicken meat.
  • Pastured poultry meat has more vitamins E, C and beta-carotene.
  • They are hormone, antibiotic and drug free.
  • They are arsenic free. Commercial poultry are fed trace amounts of arsenic in their feed. This is a poison that stimulates their appetites. Traces of arsenic can be found in the meat.
  • The meat is tastier. Just ask chefs of high end restaurants. They will pay more for pastured chicken and other meats because they enjoy cooking with it and have a high demand for it.
Better for chickens
From the get-go these pastured chickens are outdoors amidst the bugs and breeze of the open land. The chickens at Avery’s Branch Farms have protection from predators without inhibiting the welfare of the animal. Our chickens are happy chickens because they get to live, behave, and spend their days doing just what chickens do—peck, scratch, eat bugs, and enjoy the sunshine.
Better for the land
Pasture-based farming lets the animals do the work. They harvest and feed themselves and fertilize their pastures, overseen by the farmer in a carefully-managed system. The net result is significantly less fossil-fuel consumption, less erosion, less air and water pollution and greater soil fertility.